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Company Safety Procedures You Should Know About!

2 Man Crew Standard

We’re sure you noticed that our trucks come with 2 operators: a crew leader & crew member. This protocol isn’t without reason as safety is our standard. This is critical for efficiency and optimum awareness.

Monthly All Hands Safety Training

Our crews are a blend of experience ranging from our senior crew leaders, all the way to our newest employees seeking an understanding of our safety standards. A monthly safety meeting is coordinated by our General Manager / Safety Coordinator, Alan Kempson. The crews are trained on hazard identification, hazard control, subcontractors and vendors on safe work practices and procedures.

On the Job Safety

Training isn’t limited to the classroom. Our crew leaders keep safety a revolving point of conversation while on the job. The Service Coordinator, Jan Enlow, conducts random job site inspections along with Alan Kempson. These inspections are conducted to determine that all safety procedures are being met properly- catering to the specific job tasks.

Company Required PPE Standard

We required our crews to wear the following gear as a minimum standard: gloves, eye protection, steel toe boots, hearing protection, high visibility safety vest and coveralls/rain suit.

Emergency Procedure

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. If needed, call for help / 911.
  3. Provide the dispatcher with detailed information.
  4. In case of a trench cave in or confined space accident, do not attempt to rescue unless trained in rescue procedures.
  5. Provide first aid if qualified to do so.
  6. Don’t move injured person unless his or her life is in danger from sources other than the injury.
  7. Secure the site.
  8. Shut down the equipment, if necessary.
  9. Account for everybody on the site.
  10. Notify the Safety Coordinator of emergency within 1 (one) hour.

Heat Stress Prevention Program

This Heat Stress Prevention Program has been developed to provide Southern Hydro Vac workers with the training and equipment necessary to protect them from heat related exposures and illnesses.

Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy

Employees must adhere to all federal, state, or local rules and regulations regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Accordingly, employees must not use cell phones if such conduct is prohibited by federal, state, or local laws, regulations or other ordinances.