Plant Maintenance Cleaning Services

There are many different types of power and manufacturing plants that require maintenance and cleaning services. Usually to maintain or clean these facilities it requires shutting down part or all the plant. That time is critical. Southern Hydro Vac provides these industries with safe, efficient, and innovative cleaning systems that minimize downtime with proactive cleaning schedules.

Our crews are trained in confined space cleaning for tanks, underground storage facilities, filters, collection systems and containers. Our hydrovac trucks remove dirt, soil, oil, slug, fluids, debris and foreign objects. At rock quarries, we also clean crushed stone from under conveyor belts and from inside blending tunnels. Call us today to schedule service and learn more of how Southern Hydro Vac can save money and time for plant maintenance and cleanings. Southern Hydro Vac is available 24/7 for emergency situations.

Types of Facilities

  • Power Generation

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Automotive Manufacturing

  • Refineries

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Commercial Manufacturing

Types of Services

  • Confined Space Entry & Cleaning

  • Rock Quarry Clean up

  • Sump Pit Cleaning

  • Flow Line Cleaning

  • Storage Tank Cleaning

  • Rail Car Cleaning

  • Trench Cleaning