2018 4th Quarter Newsletter

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We created this newsletter to provide you with industry specific information related to the Atlanta area.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We hope you enjoy hearing from us once a quarter as we hope you find this information to be valuable. Check out the the SHVI portion at the bottom of this newsletter.

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What have we been up to?

We’ve been busy, check our 2018 accomplishments below:

We updated the exterior of our facility
We have grown tremendously over the last few of years and our facility needed to grow too.
We purchased more trucks to better serve our customers
Serving our customers is very important to us and, with the growth of the economy, the demand for our services continue to increase.
CONTECH Certified Maintenance Provider
Our crew leaders are trained and ready to take care of your water quality devices

Our employee count is at an all time high
The construction industry is hurting for good employees. We have been able to promote current employees and properly train new employees.

Re-Vamped Our Website for Clarity
Check it out: southernhydrovac.com

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