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The Day in the Life of our Service Coordinator?

The Man who Coordinates Our Entire Fleet!

I am Jan Enlow, Service Coordinator for Southern Hydro Vac. My original start date was in May of 2012. I entered Southern Hydro Vac as a crew member on a hydro vac truck. I spent several critical months learning the hydro vac process and was able to gain the knowledge and skills to operate a truck proficiently.

During that time backfill was shared by all operators and due to a growing demand, there was a need for a full time backfill crew leader. After leading several back-fill jobs with much success using my 13 years of grading experience, I was offered the backfill crew leader position. I spent 5 great years coordinating backfill operations for Southern Hydro Vac and developing relationships with our customers. I then was asked to fill the Service Coordinator position.

As the Service Coordinator, my main focus is scheduling our 12 Hydrovac Crews along with support services. The biggest challenge I face daily is getting accurate information from our customers to the guys in the field doing the work. This is imperative in providing good service to all our customers. We strive to have quick response time, quality workmanship and the upmost professionalism while on the job. I really enjoy hearing our customers comment on how quick we respond and how good our guys do in the field. I like knowing that I am a part of a great team of guys and gals that know how to get the job done.

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