2019 4th Quarter Newsletter

Previously known as Southern Hydro Vac, INC (SHVI). We are pleased to announce our acquisition by Aims Companies and will be known as Southern Hydro Vac (SHV)

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Welcome to our new quarterly newsletter!

We created this newsletter to provide you with industry specific information related to the Atlanta area.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We hope you enjoy hearing from us once a quarter as we hope you find this information to be valuable. Check out the the SHVI portion at the bottom of this newsletter.

Industry News

Southern Hydro Vac News

Company Spotlight

Some are wondering, have my point of contact changed (POC)?

The answer is absolutely not, see below…

Your Point of Contacts

Service Coordinator|

Schedules our crews and ensures you will get a truck when you need one

Jan Enlow
Direct Cell: 770-231-5132

Project Estimator & Sales Rep|

The smiling guy that provides you with prices and solutions

Andre’ Anderson
Direct Cell: 678-373-9482

Division Manager (General Manager)|

The man behind SHV’s efficiencies

Alan Kempson
Direct Cell: 770-296-2785


She takes all the billing and administrative task

Casey Thornell
Direct Line: (770) 475-8383

Administrator Assistant|

We have two just in-case one isn’t enough.

Michelle Hale
Direct Line: (770) 475-8383

Different company name, but the same people and expectations. GREAT SERVICE!